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Vaccinations help you develop a strong and resilient immune system and are critical to both personal and public health. Mohammad Yusufzai, MD, Sultan Yusufzai, MD, and the team at Cordova Medical Clinic in Auburn and Sacramento, California, offer the full range of vaccinations recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Call or click today to schedule a visit.


What are vaccinations?

Vaccines trigger your immune system to launch a strong defense against a specific bacterium, virus, or fungus (antigen). Most vaccines are derived from a specific antigen’s dead or weakened version.

Although often used to refer to vaccines, the term “vaccination” refers to using vaccines to create a strong immune response. Immunization is also a term that means developing immunity through the use of vaccines

How do vaccinations work?

To understand how vaccines work, it helps to know how your natural immune system fights off infection. When you encounter an antigen, your immune system quickly begins creating unique antibodies to attack the invading germs.

Your immune system “remembers” this process, so if you ever encounter that specific antigen in the future, your body is already trained to swiftly and effectively fight off infection.

This process occurs naturally, without any need for additional support. The problem lies in the fact that some infections are so strong they can overwhelm you before your immune system has time to react. That’s where vaccines come in.

Vaccines work by introducing a harmless version of an antigen into your body, triggering an immune response as though you were fighting off a full infection. This creates natural immunity without making you sick. Each vaccine provides protection against a specific disease, and the world’s leading disease specialists maintain a list of recommended vaccines.

Why is vaccination so important?

You receive most of the vaccines you need during early childhood. This ensures you have a strong and healthy immune system that lasts a lifetime. Additional vaccines provide support later in life, like the flu vaccine or the COVID-19 vaccine. You might need additional vaccines in preparation for international travel.

Not only do vaccines prevent you from becoming severely ill, but vaccination also protects your entire community. When most members of a community are immunized against a specific disease, that antigen has nowhere to hide, and cannot effectively spread from one host to the next.

That’s why America does not experience the same widespread outbreaks of diseases like rubella, polio, and other diseases still common in less developed parts of the world.

If you have additional questions about vaccination, call or click to schedule a visit at Cordova Medical Clinic today. The practice also offers vaccines for residents of area care facilities.


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